not my bed

These walls will never be the same and neither will this bed. These memories don't wear the same exploding from my head. I eat the same. Still talk the same fit in the same size shoe. I cry the same still lie the same. Just not lying next to you. You traveled past my reach now. My fingertips can't brush. And when I try to speak now it always comes out a whispered hush. But the thing that's still the hardest for me is the one that ties my tongue. I loved him No I love him He was my perfect fit No he still is You will move on and be happy again No I'm happy whith him. He's gone now But I'm not yet No I'm here and I'm still with him. I lived before I knew him. And I lived after we met. So I can only keep on breathing After he's put to rest. I didn't love him in a past tense or in a distant future place. I love him always love him. He's my constant that will never change. I waited for him to find me. Now it's his turn to wait instead.  One day I will find him. I love him

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