My Heart Knows Best

There are too many white walled rooms
filled with people just like you
Who tell me what I ought to do
Too many Vacant faces
People with blank slates
Just waiting for a place where no one tells them no
too many missed chances
All of those backward glances
Maybe its time I try Standing on my own
I write my own story now
I choose how all of this turns out
Whoever I desire to be
Is exactly who you will see
I am weary of a world that is black and white
When I hunger to see all spectrums of light
No more hearing that there is a proper way to go
From now till forever I choose my own road
Shaking hands reach for doors to the unknown
It's fear to face but I have faith that behind it is my home
Don't try to change my mind
You would only be wasting time
I finally feel the sunlight and it is mine
None of this is because I love you less
Trust me when I say
My Heart Knows Best

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