I feel so very far away from home
I keep counting my steps
Keep trying to guess
How far to go
I miss the sparkle of the city
I miss carrying it with me
I just need to know where I fit

Maybe one day I will build a home
I just feel to empty to do it alone
I have been searching the world to find you
combing through billions to tie you to me
To sit down with you and a cup of tea
Hearing you say "you belong with me"
knowing that you have been searching for me

I will find you half way
You can march up to me and say
"I've searched the world to find you"

I believe in the tune I have been humming
Stepping feet to my heart drumming
Straight into my core
Then I will know for sure
A bed, walls, and a ceiling
Do not make a home
Laughter, memories, and a fight
Something to keep the heart alive

Doesn't matter the place
Doesn't matter the days
Home is You

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